Our Mission

It is the mission of BRENCORE to consistently exceed the expectations of our clientele. We are committed to employing our experienced consultants and proven strategies to ensure outstanding results.

BRENCORE’s vision is to revive a latent appreciation for music through our creative implementation of event development and strategic planning of concert promotions.   We strive toward the goal of positioning ourselves as the recognized leader in the events management industry both locally and nationally

Our Goal

To provide full service event management & planning to assure each client a successful and memorable affair

To customize marketing plans to meet the needs of each event and engage in productive consultations and partnerships with clients both internal and external to the entertainment industry

To promote top notched entertainers in the venues of Jazz, Comedy and R&B whether locally, nationally or abroad

Our Services

RENCORE is an Event Management Services provider, offering Event Development and Management, Strategic Planning and Marketing services. We work to secure corporate sponsorship contributions and grants, and to provide booking agent services for the negotiation and management of all associated contracts.

BRENCORE is a Concert Development and Promotions resource that prides itself on standing out with its clientele by providing top quality, professional and efficient services; and with the event attendees by creating for them an event that is fun and memorable.

We set the environment, manage the countless details, and provide on-site strategic coordination to deliver a spectacular event — all while remaining ever mindful of your budget.

Types of services: Promoting Jazz Events, Sunday Brunch, Holiday events, Conferences, Weddings, etc.


BRENCORE can assist with all facets of your next event. We have the flexibility and the expertise to offer full service event production based on your budget and resource requirements.

Marketing Services Offered…
• Marketing Plan Formulation & Execution
• Design & Production of Promotional Materials
• Mailing List Development
• Development of Media Sponsorships
• Internet Marketing
• Market Analysis
• Video & Graphical Design Preparation
• Street Team Promotion

Booking Services

 BRENCORE is a national talent developer and buyer, booking talent for various arts and entertainment venues. We understand the importance of matching the right artist with the right event, both for the artist as well as the event sponsor.

Booking Services Offered… 
• Talent Selection
• Talent Booking
• Artist Management
• Contract Negotiations
• Artist and Client Liaison
• On-site Talent Coordination

For booking services: bookings@brencore.com

Corporate Sponsorships and Solicltations

Understanding the importance of sponsorship on the success of an event, BRENCORE combines the collective talent and experience of its consultants to devise a comprehensive sponsorship strategy for each individual event.

Sponsorship Services Offered… 
• Sponsorship Proposal Development
• Development of Sponsorship Database
• Grant Proposal Writing
• Continual development of sponsorship options

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